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Become a SelfStir

Become a SelfStir

Ambassador Affiliate Partner

Ambassador Affiliate Partner

Become our PartnerBecome our Partner

Earn high paying recurring commissions starting from 20% to 40% for every converted client by

Earn high paying recurring commissions starting from 20% to 40%.

simply referring visitors to SelfStir. Join to grow your revenue with our innovative leadership platform.

Join to grow your revenue with our innovative leadership platform.

Together we grow.

How It Works

Affiliate signs up to our

affiliate program

Affiliate uses unique link to

promote SelfStir's solution

Lead is converted into a client

Conversion is tracked & affiliate earns

a commission for each client referred

Why Join SelfStir's Ambassador Affiliate Program?

As SelfStir has grown over the years, so have our brand ambassadors. People from all walks of life have become passionate about who we are, what we offer, and what we stand for. We are now offering an opportunity to share in our revenue through our B2B ambassador affiliate program.

  • High Paying Commission

    We value your efforts in helping us grow which is why we’ve come up with a highly beneficial payout program with no commission caps, obligations or minimum commitments. Commissions range from 20% up to 40% recursive commission for every converted lead.
  • Marketing Took Kit

    We help you make the most referrals possible with resources to support your content development and assist your referral traffic’s conversion rate. Our marketing tool kit includes marketing content to use such as email marketing, social media marketing, and more.
  • Track, analyze, and optimize

    Our user friendly affiliate dashboard offers a comprehensive look at your clicks, leads, sales as well as commissions. You can easily keep track of your referrals, view your earnings, track performance to understand, manage, and improve your results.
  • Dedicated Expert Support

    Our dedicated affiliate managers are here to support you. They're always on hand with support, insight, and personalized advice. Reach out to our dedicated affiliate experts any time you have a question, and we'll be happy to assist you.


  1. What is the SelfStir Affiliate Program?
    The SelfStir Ambassador Affiliate Program allows you to earn commission for client referrals using your unique affiliate link in content such as emails, blog posts, webinars and more. Joining the program gives you and your business a simple way to add value to your site and audience while creating new revenue opportunities.
  2. How do I become a SelfStir Affiliate?
    Joining the SelfStir Affiliate Program is free, fast and easy! 
    All you need to do is to sign up
    After that, we’ll receive your application and review it for approval as quickly as possible. You will receive a confirmation or decline notification in your email inbox. Normally, it can take us up to 2 working days to review your application.
    If you’re having trouble signing up, please contact us at
  3. Do I need to be a SelfStir client?
    It’s a great advantage for you if you have used SelfStir yourself, because you already know the product. However, you are not required to be a SelfStir client in order to be a part of the Affiliate Program.
  4. How do I get paid?
    Your payouts will be calculated at the end of every month and paid via wire transfer.
  5. Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?
    Nope! Signing up and participating as a SelfStir affiliate is completely free. Plus, there are no minimum sales required to earn commission.
  1. Do I have to do the selling?
    Nope! We follow a sales methodology that fits our culture and we do not employ outsourced sales people. We just ask you to create awareness of our product and if you are familiar with our software, you can recommend us to your peers if you find it appropriate.
  2. Do I have to maintain a relationship with the client I have referred?
    Not necessarily. Once a referral becomes a client, we will build and maintain the relationship with them, including support but you will be provided transparency on the billing.
  3. Is there a sales quota that I need to meet?
    Nope, there is no quota. As you are a Brand Ambassador, you will recognize opportunities where SelfStir could be a good fit with people that you know and you never need to feel compelled to spam your contacts. Having said that, if you do meet certain targets, you will move up to higher tiers where you will receive better commission rates and the ability to provide discounts.
  4. Am I a good fit with SelfStir?
    Leadership development is universal across all industries and any sized organization. If you have contacts with any type of professional, they would be a good candidate. For your reference, here is a general overview of our typical client.
    • Organization Size: 50-2000
    • Roles/Position: Organizational Development Manager/Director, CHRO, Learning & Development Manager/Director, Director of Leadership and People Development, Organizational Development Consultant, Human Resources Consultant, Chief Executive Officer
    • Geographic location: All, but the majority of our clients are from English speaking countries.
  5. If I know that a company is using another 360 degree feedback solution, do I still recommend SelfStir?
    Yes, please do. We do not like taking away clients from other companies, but many clients have come to us using some of the most known brands. The primary reason companies switch to us is because they find our platform to be a better fit; ease of use, customization capabilities, pricing, customer relationship and flexibility of our pricing model. In addition, Organizational Development experts and practitioners want to use organizational development tools, and find HR tools not fitting. Most 360 degree feedback solutions in the market are designed for HR professionals, and not OD professionals, with SelfStir being one of the pioneers to provide a more holistic solution for leadership development.