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SelfStir Business is one of the most complete competency development tools on the web.

Developed by Organizational Development and Human Resources experts for Organizational Development and Human Resources experts.

Our system is designed to provide you with a comprehensive 360 degree feedback and leadership development cloud platform.

  • Take full control of the whole platform through a robust administration panel

  • Create self-assessments, manager reviews, 180 and 360 degree feedback to your whole company

  • Integrate or build your leadership development program

  • Provide users with action planning tools

  • Capture organizational knowledge through discussions

  • Integrate or design your peer-coaching or mentorship program

  • Extensive competency customizations to fit your framework

  • Build a culture of feedback in a non-threatening and friendly environment

We encourage you to download our SelfStir Business solution overview which will help provide you with a summary of all of the platform's features and tools.

This short 3 page pdf document will also explain our decision to integrate a 360-degree feedback solution with a leadership development platform.


Download SelfStir Overview

Our Business solution may not be for every organization. The innovative design is based on the latest research and design in the field or organizational psychology. We have very strong beliefs in what makes an organization effective and we build tools around those beliefs. We have been on the ground working with executives and HR teams and we know how organizations perform.

We are disrupting the traditional HR tools used for assessments and annual reviews. We believe that those tools have become obsolete and your best people will leave you because of them. We believe that it is part of human nature to want to develop, but we can only do so when we are aware of ourselves, and 360-degree feedback in conjunction with coaching are the best available tools that will help us in this journey. The transformation in your people will be extraordinary if carried out with the right intent.

We are transferring our cost effective business model to our clients. We believe that 360 Degree Feedback and internal Coaching and Mentoring programs should be mainstream programs across all levels of the organization to build healthy organizational cultures and to develop leadership capabilities. We cannot achieve our mission if we sell our services at a premium, so instead, we keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you. It’s a win-win situation.

We don’t only sell tools, we help you build a development program in your organization. Our features are designed to integrate 360 Feedback with Learning & Development, Mentoring/Coaching Programs, Knowledge Management and Self Development. Our clients are using our affordable 360 feedback tool and development platform for Leadership Development, Sales Competency Development, Culture Development, Performance Evaluations, Technical Skills Development and Performance Management.

If you have contracted the services of executive coaches, you can easily integrate them into the system where they will have access to view information related to users they have connected with. You can have them make their profile available for all your employees or limit them to only your executives. In all cases, your coaches will highly appreciate the ability to use the system along with your employees.

Have you been planning on implementing a mentorship program in your organization? With SelfStir business, it’s a breeze. The system is designed to get people to connect with each other and tools to help each other out. Whether you want to set up a formal mentorship program or just leave people to volunteer as peer coaches on an as-needed basis, the system is flexible to fit any design that you wish to implement or may already have.

We provide multiple approaches to our system. Although our design is intended to be employee-driven, making it easy to set up and get thousands of employees using it within a few hours, we also provide the flexibility for the administrator to carry out 360 feedback on behalf of others. The administrator is provided full control over the customization of the system. This includes the management of the users, the themes and competencies, the recommendations and discussion area. Additionally, a view of the stats showing the usage of all the features provides the admin insight into how extensive the people are using the system.

Our system makes it easy for Human Resources & Organizational Development Champions, Management Consultants, Trainers or Executive Coaches to implement a complete and customizable self-assessment, 180 and/or 360-degree feedback system. We have also included developmental and collaborative tools such as action planning, journaling, connecting with internal or professional coaches, ability to create and share reports, while also building and capturing organization knowledge related to competency and leadership development. You will have all the tools that you normally use offline, all in one place and integrated with one another.


  1. Dashboard

    The user dashboard is a one-stop shop that captures all the features in one location for quick navigation.

  2. Profile

    You can fill out a user profile to make it easier for other users to find you based on your location, industry, expertise, etc.

  3. Privacy Settings

    User privacy settings can be adjusted to either stay private (default) or to make yourself public so that people searching for peer coaches can find you.

  4. Survey Experience

    The survey experience is intended to be user-friendly, self-driven and fun. You can stop and return to the survey at any time, and you can navigate between pages without losing any of your information.

  5. Dynamic Reporting

    Our dynamic survey results are made to reflect essential information of a 360 degree survey report in clear and easy to understand layout.

  6. Developmental Resources

    The recommendations space offers suggestions on competencies chosen for development based on one’s learning style (reading, listening, watching, attending, and actions). Have fun exploring and trying out some of the developmental suggestions!

  7. PDF Survey Reports

    The administrator and/or user (if provided access) have the ability to generate their survey reports in pdf format. The report is easy to understand and includes all the important elements of a multi-rater feedback report.


  8. Administration Panel

    The Administration panel provides the ability for the account administrator to customize the following: account settings, survey, knowledge forum, recommendations as well as communication templates.

    Administration Panel

  1. Action Planning

    Action planning is a key part of development and achieving goals. This is a space where you can keep track of the actions you are committed to taking within a certain timeframe.

  2. Journaling

    Keeping a journal is not just for matters that happen in one’s personal life. One of the most powerful ways to develop is to keep a journal of one’s developmental journey, tracking key reactions, thoughts, successes, setbacks, and reflections.

  3. Search for a Professional Coach

    Search for a professional coach if you think you may benefit from the support of a coach. You can message and/or connect with them.

  4. Search for a Peer Coach

    If you need support on your developmental journey but do not wish to work with (or hire) a professional coach, you can also look for a peer coach. Peer coaches are SelfStir users who have volunteered to help others out in their development. You can message/connect with one or more peer coaches if you feel they might be the right fit for you.

  5. Connect and Share with Others

    Humans are social beings. You can send invitations to connect with other users within the system, specifying what you want to share such as your Journal, Action Items, and/or survey report.

  6. Messaging System

    SelfStir has its own internal messaging system that allows you to send private messages to connections, similar to other social networks.


  7. Knowledge Forum/Discussion Area

    The Knowledge Forum is a space where knowledge is shared. Discussions can be started around anything and everything related to feedback, development, action planning, journaling, and other topics. Other users engage in these discussions by contributing replies. As a user, you have the ability to follow other users and discussions. You can also vote for discussions that you find helpful.

  8. Group Analytics

    Group analytics is provided to the account administration (for Corporate Plan accounts only) with an overview of the whole organization including trend analysis as well as group averages and filters. You can read more about it here.

    Group Reporting



  1. Do you help with the initial setup?

    Yes, once you confirm your plan subscription, an account manager will be assigned to you and will help walk you through the process to assist in the initial setup which is not time consuming and provided free of charge. You will have 15 days free of charge to familiarize yourself with the solution before any billing can take place.

  2. Can anyone become a client?

    Any organization or consultancy can try our business solution for 30 days free of charge, but before becoming a subscriber, we will ensure that SelfStir Business is a right fit with your organization and that you are a right fit with us. We welcome progressive organizations that apply current Leadership practices and maintain a healthy organizational culture.

  3. What types of payment do you accept?

    We accept payments via all major credit cards, PayPal, or wire transfer through a secure online payment gateway.

  4. Is my credit card information safe?

    Yes, our payment gateway is PCI compliant and undergoes regular third-party scans.

  5. Why are your prices so low?

    We strive to bring the values of openness and feedback to organization cultures. We could not do that by limiting the tool to the executive level due to budget limitations. We have made the tool affordable so that management can provide the whole organization with a unique Leadership competency development tool that will drive your organization’s overall effectiveness and engagement. We understand bottom lines, but we also know that the factors affecting the bottom line is not as straight forward as some companies believe they are. The human element plays a major role and Leadership an even bigger one.

  1. Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

    There is no contract on our per report package — you just pay-as-you-use based on the number of surveys completed at the end of each month, and you can cancel at any time. The same goes for our Corporate package, you just pay as you go and you may cancel at any time.

  2. What if I want a long-term contract?

    We strive to build relationships with our clients and we would be more than happy to give you a great offer.

  3. Do you give special offers to NGOs?

    Yes we do. We’d love to help in any way we can.


  4. What is your refund policy?

    We have no refund policy, simply because we bill at the end of each month. You may cancel at any time and we will stop your billing immediately.


  5. Can I cancel my account at anytime?

    At anytime during your subscription, you may cancel your subscription by simply sending an email to your account manager. We will not dispute, we will not question, but we would appreciate some feedback to why you are leaving us.

  6. Who owns my Data?

    Although SelfStir hosts the SaaS platform where your data is securely stored, it is you who owns and controls the data. You can have access to it anytime through a request to your account manager. If you cancel your account after having a paid subscription, we give you the option to keep your account ‘inactive’ for one year so that you do not lose all your data if you wish to renew with us.

  1. What about data security and confidentiality?

    Strong measures have been taken to protect SelfStir’s clients. Furthermore, extra precautions have been taken by protecting the complete members area with SSL 256-bit encryption and authenticated with a Network Solutions Secure Site Certificate.
    Our servers are monitored 24/7 for security and reliability of the network and infrastructure. We also use the services of a certified ethical hacker who helps us patch security holes whenever we add new features.

  2. Is there a setup fee?

    No, there are no setup fees on any of our user plans. We also provide you access to an account manager to help you with any questions and/or walk you through the system. If you need additional help, we can have one of our senior organizational development consultants get in touch with you. If your requests are simple, we will not  bill you for the consultancy time.

  3. How are you different from others?

    SelfStir Business is one of the most innovative, affordable and feature-rich 360-degree feedback solutions and development platform available on the market. We believe that 360 feedback should be employee driven and we have designed our product to do that easily. Our product is designed by Senior Organizational Development Consultants who specialize in Leadership Development, Team Development and Organizational Culture Development. Most importantly, we understand what it takes to build effective organizations; in fact, our CEO is one of those people. We also love to help, so you will get the best support from our team. Our company is based on strong organizational values and is driven by a mission. We have 3 bottom lines to measure our success; helping develop the society around us, helping our clients succeed and generating sustainable revenue.


  4. What if I have more questions?

    Use our live chat on this page, or if we are offline leave us a message. We do sleep once in a while, but not much, so we’ll get back to you soon. The chat app is installed on all our mobile smart phones, so if we are not at our desks, responding to you is as easy as responding to messages from our friends.

  5. Are there any additional hidden costs?

    No, we believe in complete transparency up front. All our prices are provided on our pricing page for your reference at all times.