Testimonials - SelfStir | 360 degree feedback software


I want to thank you so much for your help. I'm not very electronic, and your patience made me feel like I was the only person in the world! Your SelfStir service is amazing and your commitment to helping people has inspired me. I took the 360 with a conference I attended and focused on feedback with my family. It has helped me a lot at a great time. You are making a real difference in the world! God bless you and your team.

Ron - SelfStir Invidual User

We are seeking a 360 tool to be used organization-wide. Your tool hits the mark with flying colors.

Tina - Navy.mil

Our company was very pleased with the SelfStir 360 tool, it was easy to use, very intuitive and gave great flexibility for our first-time using a multi-rater tool. Our staff team was able to incorporate the results into our existing performance review system with candid and specific feedback. Staff morale and communication are greatly improved and I believe the honest dialogue prompted by this tool was largely responsible for our increase in overall staff satisfaction.

Anne Gardner, CAE, RCE - CEO, Charlottesville, VA

Many THANKS for sharing what you offer... I love your approach and thinking.

- Director, Talent & Organization Capability, Leading Pharmaceutical Company

I’m familiar with a broad range of feedback tools and chose to use SelfStir because of its amazing flexibility. SelfStir proved to be a great asset to the Leadership program we were running for a client. We integrated SelfStir into the program with transparency and choice so that participants were fully enrolled and engaged in their feedback and development. I was also delighted with the excellent and rapid support we received throughout the process. I’ll be using SelfStir again and have already recommended it to others.

Neil Middleton - Consultant, Because, Melbourne, Australia

This really works to help get accurate and timely feedback. I enjoyed the journal feature and also the integration that comes with it. I would recommend this to anyone.

Ricardo - SelfStir Invidual User

It worked!!! Thank you SO MUCH!! I know you went above and beyond what you needed to do for me! I will tell others about my experience. If you ever need a testimonial let me know! Very appreciative!!!

Lynette - SelfStir Invidual User

Congratulations for developing such a great model internally based on your wisdom and we really appreciate that you share it with the world. I am certain that your hard work and willingness to share has an important impact - for example, I learned about it on a course that aims to help leaders working primarily in social innovation increase their impact.

Noemi - SelfStir Invidual User

It became necessary for us to make performance review process as close to continuous and real-time as possible. Another important requirement was the ability to customize review for each employee, based on the job function and competency and performance band. I’m glad we chose SelfStir, with its customizable features and simple setup. Working with the team has been a real pleasure. I would definitely recommend SelfStir as a 360 solution.

Maxim Kur, Exponential - Sr. Director, Engineering