About Us - SelfStir | 360 degree feedback software


As an Organizational Development consultant, Diana Seyouri, the Managing Director of SelfStir Limited was frustrated with the limited tools available in the market of Organizational Development, and in addition to that, their prices were exorbitant. Having spent 3 years traveling between Nigeria, Ghana and Egypt on consulting assignments and seeing the human potential in these poverty stricken countries, she and Denkine, an HR executive, decided that it was time for a change. After some frequent trips back and forth to Bahrain where Denkine worked, a plan to develop a completely free Leadership Development platform using 360 degree feedback and peer-coaching tools, was born. Neither Denkine nor Diana cared whether this project ever generated any money. It would be financed purely from personal savings.

In 2011, both founders chose to form a company around the project. There was a need for innovative OD tools with new business models, both founders had experience in the market and they had a huge amount of passion for the idea. Being single and successful, both were able to financially support themselves for a few years without any income, while also investing in the startup.

We provide cloud-based Organizational Development solutions to build highly performant organizations.

We sell to individuals and organizations who share the core values of Organizational Development:

  1. Providing opportunities for people to function as human beings rather than as resources in the productive process.
  2. Providing opportunities for each organization member, as well as for the organization itself, to develop to his full potential.
  3. Seeking to increase the effectiveness of the organization in terms of all of its goals.
  4. Attempting to create an environment in which it is possible to find exciting and challenging work.
  5. Providing opportunities for people in organizations to influence the way in which they relate to work, the organization, and the environment.
  6. Treating each human being as a person with a complex set of needs, all of which are important in his work and in his life.


At SelfStir Limited, we take our values extremely seriously and live by them on and off work.

  1. Commitment

    We do what we say and we don’t let people down.

  2. Openness

    We say what we feel no matter how difficult it may be. In the end, our intentions are pure.

  3. Caring

    We care about one another at work and outside. We care about what happens around us in our communities and the world as a whole.

  4. Self-regulation

    We don’t require anyone telling us what to do, we know best and we do it.

  5. Trust

    We have faith in each other and we choose not to assume bad things about others. We work together based on a deep sense of trust that all intentions towards us are good.

  6. Development

    We have a strong passion for development, for ourselves, for each other and for the world we live in. Our every-day focus is on finding new knowledge, new tools and new technologies to help develop people.


We believe in protecting, sustaining and developing the environment, treating people with respect, and serving the common good.

  1. Knowing who we are and what we stand for
    • Being responsible members of the community and good global citizens
    • Being role models to our society by the values that we work and live by
    • Believing in a cause much greater than us
  2. Investing in Ourselves
    • Focusing on creating a corporate culture and working environment that brings personal fulfillment to everyone in the organization. This means caring for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of our people
    • We will invite Associates’ participation, provide work that gives their lives meaning and align their work with their mission.
    • We will create a climate of trust and openness that encourages people to become all they can become and bring their whole selves to work.
  3. Building Strong Relationships
    • Knowing how to relate other human beings, not from a position of self- interest, but from a position of the good of the whole
    • The behaviors and values that we express and how we relate to one another is our pathway to development
    • Knowing how to create positive relationships with each other, customers, suppliers, the local community, and society is our fundamental elements for our long term success
  4. Vision and Transformation
    • Our vision exists to drive us to our destination, built on our ideologies and achieved through our culture and our values and our behaviors
    • Transformation can happen only if SelfStir leaders are willing to live in a state of openness and question their most cherished operating assumptions
    • We will evolve through a constant state of transformation
    • Our individual growth and development will occur as a result of our vision for the future and through the evolution in our journey
  5. Leadership through our people
    • Believing that Leadership is part of our core organizational design
    • We will spread our vision, our mission, our beliefs and our values to all those
      around us inside the organization or on the outside.
    • We will all strive to be leaders and not managers of people 
  6. Common wealth
    • Creating psychological ownership through participation
    • Creating financial interest through profit sharing and ownership
    • Creating transparency of governance through open-book management 
  7. Strength through partners
    • Building a community of partners that share our mission, our beliefs and our values
    • Our model is based on maximizing partnerships to carry out functions of our operations
    • SelfStir’s community rejects self-interest in exchange for the common good