Get started with your 360 degree feedback

What is SelfStir?

360 degree feedback

Finally, a 360 Degree Feedback system for YOU. It will cost you nothing and it will be forever free. It is intended for development, pure and simple. In a safe and anonymous environment where you can learn about yourself through the eyes of people around you: your friends, your peers, or even your family. A place for candid feedback where biases are reduced and honesty flows from the heart.


A 360 Degree Feedback should never be used as an assessment. It is designed as a development method to help people grow and succeed. The popularity of this tool has grown rapidly into the new millennium, and as a result, has been used by millions of executives. 


We thought…why not offer it to the whole world?

Our passion is to help people and this is how we are doing it. No charge. No commitment from your end. No time limits. We give you our word.

SelfStir provides you with a:


  • Community driven competency development tool for everyone.
  • Safe and private place to build your work competencies outside your organizational context.
  • Friendly place to seek help from others using professional communication and collaboration tools.
  • Rich and diverse environment where you can help others develop and understand themselves.
  • A place to spend some quiet time alone with your thoughts and insights.