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Reaching Higher Levels

bigstockphoto_Pointer_4291869At SelfStir Limited, we believe that People and Organization Development are key to achieving higher levels of consciousness in the work place, in family environments, and within communities of friends. These higher levels of consciousness provide people and organizations with a level of wisdom that helps them maintain a healthy environment within their systems.

As people grow and develop, they work on goals and initiatives that have a strong impact on those around them and on society as a whole. The need to achieve such goals comes from higher levels of consciousness. At those levels, one rises above fear-based needs towards self-actualization. Fear-based needs often lead to undesirable behaviors among individuals and towards society, whereas self-actualization motivates behavior geared towards the greater good. SelfStir Limited strives to build products and services for individuals and organizations that offer people the opportunity to develop, and thus reach higher levels of consciousness. They can then provide greater value to those around them and to society as a whole.