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We are taught to stand our ground and we teach our children to do the same. Our entire lives we make decisions and refuse to back down, but sometimes we confuse stubbornness with confidence. Do you know at what point you are just being stubborn? We don’t have to be afraid to be adaptable. Allowing yourself to adapt to a situation or idea doesn’t mean you are backing down, it suggests you are confident enough in yourself and the others around you to make decisions together.

What is Adaptability?

Adaptability is the process of allowing yourself to open your mind to a new course of action, suggestions and alternative views. Adaptability gives you the flexibility to accustom yourself to situations and suggestions around you for a different outcome than you had planned; an outcome you might not expect.

Allowing Yourself to Open Your Mind

Telling yourself you have to open your mind takes courage. Challenging your own views and preconceived notions requires a special understanding of yourself. People who allow themselves to be flexible and adapt to a new plan might be surprised with what they learn about themselves and others around them.

Why it’s Important to be Adaptable

Adaptability is a unique trait and often overlooked. But, the need for flexibility is quickly gaining ground and transforming families, work environments and communities. Everyone can find room for flexibility within their lives.

  • Flexibility inspires conversation with your coworkers, family members and neighbors.
  • Adapting to a new situation builds resilience to the unexpected.
  • Flexibility makes you approachable. People won’t fear interaction with you.
  • Flexibility allows you to recognize mistakes and develop a course of action to correct them.
  • Flexibility allows you to accept jobs and positions you might not have otherwise considered.
  • Flexibility helps alleviate unnecessary stress and anxiety.
  • Adaptability opens new doors and options for people who are willing to adapt.
  • Adaptability allows you to stay prepared.

Don’t Abandon Yourself

Allowing yourself to be flexible and adaptable to new situations doesn’t mean you have to reject your beliefs, abandon your goals, or cower away from your stance. Flexibility allows you to compromise and consider alternative choices to achieve success. Whether you are arguing with your child about wearing bright green pants with purple stripes, or considering a new career path, allowing yourself to be flexible will create an open environment for discussion and kindle a new-found understanding of the world around you.

Finding Flexibility Within a Strong Mind with Help From 360 Degree Feedback

No one said finding flexibility within yourself would be an easy task, but it can be achieved. Recognizing you need someone on your side to help you discover your flexibility and adaptability is the first step to success. Engaging in 360 degree feedback will provide you with the tools you need to become a flexible person at home, at work, and while interacting with your friends. We can’t change how others feel or what they believe, but learning how to adapt will help create an environment of understanding and value in compromise.


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