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Development plans out the window
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Here are some thoughts to get your plans back on track (or even started!)

Many businesses start the year with well-intended plans to improve their employee, team and organisational development, but somewhere along the way those plans get side-lined.

Now we’re a month in, how’s your resolve holding up? We can help.

SelfStir enables individuals to lead their own L&D by facilitating the 360-degree feedback process and providing the tools to develop skills and abilities, whether that’s for personal or leadership development. Businesses can use this data to develop teams and organisational competencies too.

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Latest SelfStir Business Product Updates

Latest SelfStir Business Product Updates

“I’m glad we chose SelfStir, with its customizable features and simple setup. Working with the team has been a real pleasure. I would definitely recommend SelfStir as a 360 solution.” Maxim Kur, Exponential

Whether it’s for leadership competency development, coaching, career, team or organisational development, SelfStir is a 360 degree feedback solution that finally makes sense.

Get in touch to find out how via our contact form, email or social media.

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