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This post takes you through the thought process for the conception of a free 360 degree feedback for the masses. Moving it from being an elite tool for top level executives, to a tool that everyone can use to self develop as leaders in their work, in their communities and in their family.

I have implemented many 360 degree feedback programs throughout my years of consulting, setting up projects and long term systems providing 360 degree assessments to top level executives in large corporations. With the initial ‘uncertainty’ that surrounds such initiatives, high level executives go through the program only because it is required. Throughout the process of gathering feedback, receiving their reports, analyzing them, and then embarking on their respective developmental journeys, I would see a notable transformation in their attitudes towards the program. All of a sudden, others’ feedback would no longer be perceived as a threat, rather an opportunity… not the opportunity to become better leaders, but the opportunity to resolve many of their conflicts with their teams and departments and the ability to create synergy and effectiveness. By the time the program would reach the action planning stage for these executives, I would see a surge of middle managers and team leaders requesting, and even insisting, on conducting their own 360 degree feedbacks. This as a result of seeing how their own managerial challenges were being resolved and thus wanting to do the same for their own teams.

The value I saw provided by 360 degree feedback programs led me to question its normally exclusive use in selective levels of organizations, and even more so why it has been limited to the work context. Every one of us faces challenges in our relationships. These could stem from our own shortcomings or from misunderstandings that arise due to the gaps between who we are and how we behave with others. These issues could potentially cause us great pain and harm in every part of our life; in our work environment, our family, and in our circle of friends. The pain that we may experience from the honest 360 degree feedback results fades in comparison with the potential benefits received from carrying out such an exercise. We need to be open and flexible in our lives and allow others to provide us with an honest reflection of what they see, because in reality, how we see ourselves is not as close to reality as we seem to think it is.

Such a tool that can help people discover themselves better and work towards developing themselves to become better individuals and leaders in their own contexts should not be kept exclusively for the elite. Leadership needs to be integrated into every part of our life, whether as a student, a parent, a public figure, all through to retirement. We need to continually be up to the challenge of leading and supporting those around us, and it’s not only at work that we need to succeed at it.

What started out as questions in my mind has become reality. We have indeed created an elite product that we are offering to the whole world, giving every individual in every country the opportunity to use a tool that is used by approximately 90% of top executives in FORTUNE 500 companies.

If you are ready for it, then we welcome YOU to join the SelfStir community today. It’s free, it’s engaging, and most of all, it will help you. SelfStir 360 degree feedback

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diana2Diana Seyouri is the Managing Director of SelfStir Limited . She is passionate about people and organization development. Being surrounded with software engineers almost all the time, she is now taking online course in web development. Her team have now become her teachers.

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