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Influence without authority
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We can generally predict an outcome where we get what we want because we have authority over someone. Whether we have authority over our children, we are in a supervisory position at work, or we are the “smarter” one of our friends, we usually get what we want when we flex our muscles. But, when was the last time you had to make an impression, become a leader, or persuade someone without rank? Are you as confident with yourself when you are expected to have influence without the crutch of authority? How can you create a rank for yourself that doesn’t involve being at the top of the ladder?

What is Influence without Authority?

Influence without authority is having the ability to lead or influence people whom you have no authoritative position over.
• You are a team manager and you have to persuade the CEO
• You have to address curriculum concerns with your child’s principal
• You want to raise political awareness to city or town policies

Influence without authority can be summed up as the need to make a change, when we feel small. Some of the best traits humans possess are dedication, determination, and passion; the key elements of success. Such qualities will help you to lead without the support of superiority.

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Having Influence without Authority

You can still be successful if you are not in a position of power. With the right tools, you can influence the people around you: employers, family members, and community leaders. If the cause or the concern is great enough to inspire you, you will find a way to instill its importance in the minds of others. Simple strategies will help you find the confidence you need to be successful in your quest.
• Determine what your goals and priorities are
• Be assertive without undermining
• Identify your audience as allies, not critics
• Be confident in your abilities
• Educate yourself on the issues
• Be clear and concise
• Be open to exchange
• Be rational
• Be persuasive with the facts
• Encourage the value of the topic

Confidence through Coaching

It can be difficult to feel significant when you are not in a position of authority, but if you are vulnerable, your audience will sense your hesitation and uncertainty. You can only create change if you are confident in your own abilities. You have to have the spirit to inspire and influence others, despite your rank among your elders, your employers and your friends. Finding the drive to influence without authority isn’t difficult when you know where to find it. 360 degree feedback coaching is a unique technique that helps people to realize the importance of their existence in society. People are given a unique opportunity to make a difference and encourage others without having to rely on hierarchy for success. Influence doesn’t have to be achieved with a fancy degree, or a trip up the ladder; it can be obtained with passion and an unwavering confidence in yourself and your message.

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