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Learning Orientation is what keeps inspiration and the quest for knowledge alive. The desire to keep learning drives our determination, and allows us to experience the totality of life. Once we stop craving the taste for knowledge, we hinder our personal growth. We prevent our minds from being open to new ideas and stop telling ourselves, “There has to be more”. Learning Orientation keeps us curious and arouses our intellect. The need for more is constantly transforming our lives.

What Drives You?

Have you thought about what inspires you to keep searching and taking risks for the sole purpose of bettering yourself? Everyone is inspired in different ways, and we endure life’s experiences unlike our neighbors, but our reaction in the end is what builds character, or potentially stunts our growth. Once you are willing to accept the lesson, you put yourself in a unique position of understanding. When you can understand what drives you, you will never give up trying. Once your fear of jumping subsides, you won’t be afraid to leap because you know there is no consequence, but a chance to experience a critical lesson for your self-development.

Why is Learning Orientation Important?

We are not a society of complete satisfaction, nor should we be. We are constantly in search of answers; we try new things, and we aren’t afraid to ask questions. Every moment of our search is vital to our personal growth. But, sometimes we have difficulty finding the lessons during the hardest times of our lives. When you can’t find an answer, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You might just need a little coaching to enlighten your discovery. Finding the drive to learn more can create a unique perception of yourself and the environment around you.

  • You are more willing to make difficult decisions at work
  • You aren’t afraid to experiment with new ideas
  • You learn better habits when interacting with your family and friends
  • You are more likely to accept a challenge, than shy away out of fear of defeat
  • You are more willing to become engaged at work, at home, and in a social setting
  • You develop a more open mind and an environment of understanding
  • You never stop asking “Why?”

Learning can be Learned

Sometimes, there are instances and stressors that prevent us from searching for more. We become tied up in the monotony of our daily lives and hand-held devices that do all the thinking for us, but there are lessons to be learned in what you consider a mundane existence. What you need, is help identifying your passion. There is nothing ordinary about your experiences, and with help from 360 degree feedback, you can challenge yourself to find the lessons that are standing before you. 360 degree feedback provides you with the tools to inspire your quest for more. Coaches create an environment that fuels your personal growth. You shouldn’t fear the unexpected, but fear the unwillingness to keep growing. Our world wouldn’t be the same if everyone was satisfied.


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