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23Dec 2016

We are faced with decisions in our professional careers, at home and within our communities that challenge our judgment and affect the environment around us. As our shoulders bear a considerable amount of weight, our minds begin to make decisions with haste to alleviate immediate stressors. Unfortunately, swift resolutions can result in undesirable repercussions and […]

22Dec 2016

We’ve been invited to attend “Women in Tech 2017” at Collision New Orleans this coming May. It’s an honor and privilege to be able to meet some of the leading tech organizations in the world, as well as meet up with some of our clients in the area.   We’re proud of our strategic partners […]

22Dec 2016

We’d also like to introduce Yasmine Noueihed as our latest addition to the SelfStir family. She is an amazingly talented software developer and an even more wonderful human being. She is now part of SelfStir’s DNA.

16Nov 2016

We can’t expect from people what we aren’t willing to give. We expect transparency and openness from our leaders and politicians, our families, our coworkers and members of our community, but if we aren’t willing to be open with them, we can’t expect transparency in return. Openness can apply to our lives in many different […]